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Offering a Single-Source Solution for Federal and State Blue Sky Compliance.

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Why Use FundComply

Fund Compliance Services LLC specializes in providing fund regulatory compliance and entity management to private funds. FCS focuses on delivering services to funds that have been under-served, overpriced, and lack the transparency and reporting that fund compliance officers need. FCS's single-source solution gives funds a more efficient and effective way to manage federal and state Blue Sky compliance requirements.

FCS's annual fund compliance services include preparing and filing Form D and state Blue Sky administration. FCS clients also have 24/7 access to compliance updates, filings, and their fund portfolio's compliance activity through the FundComply portal.


Our Concentration

We concentrate on federal and state Blue Sky compliance requirements for funds. FCS has developed a fund compliance service focused on Form D filings and state Blue Sky research, exemptions, and filing requirements. Focused on fund compliance, FCS provides a compliance service you can trust.

Our Experience

FCS's team consists of senior level securities professionals each averaging 17+ years' experience in securities compliance at large law firms.  In addition, FCS's team has worked with state regulators for many years, identifying and resolving compliance issues. Backed by our experience, FCS provides a compliance service you can rely on.

Our Model

FCS provides a single-source fund compliance solution for a fixed annual fee per fund, making budgeting and expense allocation simple. Through our adaptive model, FCS provides a compliance service that fits your needs.